Daily Create Story

I will post all my daily creates from this week and will then provide the story behind them.

The story that I will be creating from these three daily creates is centered around this class. I will start with the gif it up daily create. For this post we were told to gif something up. I found a gif of Bob Ross. Our main emphasis in this class is the points that Bob continuously preaches. The whole concept of individualism and creativity. This drives me to the next daily create which was the checkbox selfie. While some may think that there was no creativity involved in me participating in this but they would be wrong. They creativity in this comes from many places. The first one being from the individual that created the software for the checkbox selfie. That is so creative in itself. The next piece of creativity came from me. Within the website you can control the amount checks and what the checks will represent. They could either represent the negative space around you or the space that is part of you. That then brings me to the last daily create. This one had to do with it being the National Day of Writing. I knew to be able to complete the story of creativity I had to top it off with a poem having to do with creativity. I found one that was literally titled Creativity. I think the main idea of this story is to express your creativity. No matter how much creativity you express make sure that you are showing some.

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