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This was an interesting assignment because I had to look at things in a no face value way. This assignment took a good amount of time because I was having a hard time analyzing the different objects that way. For the first picture of the Raid spray I said that the concept that would go with that would be proportion. This is because they made everything about the design other than the picture of the wasp big. This was used to give the thought that bees are no match for this spray. The next picture is of a recycling bin. This had the repetition concept within its design. The arrows going in a circle gave the sense of repetition. That was used to show that when you recycle it all comes back around in some sort of repetitive fashion. The next picture is of a Little Bites bag. This represented the concept of typography. The font they used really goes after the younger generation, and also the bite marks out of the dots in the “i” are very clever. The last picture is of the rock on campus. This rock represented the concept of a message. Some of the students used the rock to voice their opinion about a current issue on campus.

For this assignment I started off by reading all of the different concepts so that I knew what to look for. I started off by just think of things that could have these concepts within their design. I then went and photographed those different things and uploaded them to my Instagram. After that I had to copy the embed link to the post and paste it into the code writing view of WordPress. This was a challenging assignment because of the depth that you had to look at these objects to figure out what concepts could be applied.

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