Discussing DS 106 Radio

It was such a fun time being able to actively discuss DS 106 Radio while listening to it. I believe that we had great participation from everyone. I also think that a lot of good points were brought up in our discussions. All of the different pieces that went into the segments we listened to were amazing. It is so easy to overlook these different sounds when not paying attention to them. The cool part is that we still perceive them whether we know it or not. We still get those feelings that those sounds are supposed to portray to us. That is such a cool part of any creation. Sound is such a necessity with any type of storytelling. it just adds so much more meaning to what is going on. The best part about listening was that my bumper got played on THE DS 106 Radio. I believe that we had a pretty good turn out on the number of people that were able to listen and participate. I am excited to get back on and listen tonight!

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