Fear of Not Being Successful

What is your biggest fear? Is it spiders… heights… snakes… needles? Have you ever thought about what your fear might think of you?  Write a short story of a terrifying event from the perspective of your fear.  You never know… they might be just as scared as you are!”

While most people for this assignment would choose an actual physical thing, it is hard for me to do so when success is such a huge controller of my life. My biggest fear in life is not being successful. Everyday we encounter things where there is either success or failure. To me it feels like you either reach success in whatever you are doing or you are completely wrong. Since I was little I have played sports and have been coached by multiple different people as well as different types of people. Those individuals have always pushed me to do my best and strive for perfection. In baseball you either have success or you have failure. There is no in between when you are actually playing the game. This fear that I have of not being successful was started when I first started playing baseball. I specifically remember a time in a little league all star game when I was up to bat, and there was a runner on third with two outs. This was the bottom of the inning and we were down by one run. I had the chance to score the runner and keep the game going. The first pitch that came to me I swung at and ended up grounding out to the third baseman, which resulted in ending the game. That feeling of not being successful has haunted me since that moment. This all sounds like a horrible thing but truly it is not. That is because this fear has caused me to continue to always strive to do better and shoot for success no matter what I am doing.


  1. Somehow I keep ending up at your posts. I guess that is a good thing since it means they catch attention. I have to say I agree with you. My fears are not physical things. I fear one day I am going to end up like my mom or dying alone or never being able to amount to anything. I also fear that one day my issues will control how I live instead of me. These are the things that push us to do everything in our power to ensure we do not let our fears become reality.

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