Happy Sugar

For this assignment take a music video and mash it with a new song. Replace the audio to a music video with another song. Try to get them to fit together as best as you can.” 4 STARS

I chose to use these two songs for my mashup because I love how upbeat they both are. I believe that these songs truly have the ability to produce happiness. I also believe that happiness is what helps us continue to push forward day in and day out. Ross always says to be different and do what will make you happy. Working with this mad me happy, so I would say I successfully followed Ross’s advice. I decided to use the Sugar music video because I felt that it matched up to Happy better then if I would have used the Happy music video and played Sugar over top of it.

To complete this assignment I started off with thinking about what songs would be fun to work with. I quickly thought of these two songs due to their up beat tone. I then had to find a website that would allow me to download both videos from Youtube. After I found one and downloaded the two songs I opened QuickTime. I then uploaded Happy and exported it as just audio. I then uploaded the Sugar video with music and the Happy music with just audio to GarageBand. After that I split the audio from and the video apart from the Sugar video and deleted the audio. I then had to find a good place to start the music and the video. After lining the music and the video up the best that I could. I created a opening title slide and a credits slide at the end. I then picked out a transition for after the initial slide and one before the credits slide. After that I uploaded the video to YouTube.

I had a great time working with this assignment because I was able to work with two great songs. It really boosted my happiness working with these songs. My main take away from this assignment was the YouTube video downloader website that I found. If I could do this assignment again I would have probably added some transition effects during the rest of the video.

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