Here I come Week 11

I will be showing off my daily creates first.

I will now be showing you my three assignments from this week.

I will now be showing my ideas that I expanded off of other’s ideas.

I will finally be showing my video essay.

I had a good time this week. My best friend this week was iMovie. Without having that to use I would have been completely lost.My favorite assignment form this week was the healthy food challenge. This forced me to cook a good dinner. I was able to enjoy doing my assignment and enjoy good food. I believe the hardest assignment this week was the video essay. This took a long time and I ran into more problems than I would have liked to.

Overall I think this week was a good week. I struggled finding times to actually work on my assignments until the end of this week. I have been working on a research paper the past two weeks, so I really had to work on my time managing this week.

This week I have been actively participating with my classmates by interacting with them on social media, commenting back to their comments, and commenting on their blogs.

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