Me as a Photographer

I have never been big into taking pictures of things other than my friends, family, or myself with my friends. I have always been focused on other hobbies which I am assuming kept me from picking up photography. I usually take a lot of pictures when I am with my friends. This could be of them, myself with them, what activities we are doing, or where we are. I love being able to go back and look at the all of things I have done with my friends and family. One of my favorite apps is Snapchat because they have a feature that is called memories that takes pictures that you took from each year on that day and notifies you when you have one. Usually when I am taking pictures with my friends and family I usually try to make sure that we are all in the picture, it is catching what we are doing at that moment, and our overall mood about what we are doing. I believe that photos are able to take what you are doing at that moment and the expression that you are showing at the moment of the picture, to be able to narrate what was actually going on. All of those pieces of a picture represent so much more than just a picture. It is able to show the person that is looking at it what you were doing, your overall emotion at the time, and who was all apart of that moment. I think all of those things together are able to tell a story without needing words. Some methods that I plan on using to improve my photography is making sure the lighting is good, changing up my points of view, and getting pickier.

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