My View On Kidd’s View

The point that Kidd made that stood out to me the most was his speed bump example. He said that a man designed a bump to slow people down, but not a graphic design example which would be slow down bump ahead. This truly shows the separation of the two definitions. He brings the point that everything in the world is a design. When you actually take a step back and think about that it truly is a fact. They just shows how important design is in our everyday lives. I was then intrigued by the “100 Ideas That Changed Graphic Design” so I clicked on it. Some of the ideas that stood out to me was propaganda, metaphoric lettering, and visual puns. When I hear about propaganda it automatically takes me back to middle school when learning about past wars. Propaganda played such a huge part in all of them. The metaphoric lettering examples that they showed were super intriguing. The one that stood out to me the most was the picture of the pool that had letters floating that said limits. The coolest part about this was the shadow that could be seen at the bottom of the pool that was casted by the letters. The visual puns example that they shared was a super powerful message about gun violence. It was a picture of a gun with blood dripping of the trigger. This symbolized the trigger serving as the mechanism and outcome of gun attacks. I then clicked on the article titled “Make Good Art: Neil Gaiman’s Advice on the Creative Life.” Gaiman talks about making good art in any situation during a graduation ceremony speech. He tries to show that nothing can hold you back from being your true self. Making good art with creativity cannot be stopped by anything!

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