Our Growth Using Social Media

The final straw…… I can not believe the end of the semester is here. I have put a lot of time into trying to improve and expand my creativity and knowledge within this class. I have had a great time learning about new platforms and using those platforms to share my digital story. This class provided me materials and knowledge that I will be able to use a lot in the future.

In terms of the project I had a great time with it. While it was very time consuming and tedious I still enjoyed it. Being able to work with Maddy allowed us to truly expand our knowledge on all the aspects of this class. This project allowed me to reflect on my creativity and assignments from this semester. Having the opportunity to do this allowed me to truly see how much I have learned. All of the platforms that Maddy and I spoke about in this video have been so helpful in our process of sharing all our work. Without these platforms we would not be able to show off all our creativity and be able to tell our digital story.

In order to complete this project we used iMovie. We first did individual reflections and added in our own transitions. We then met up and pieced all our parts together. We then added transitions in between all of our reflections. After that we added an introduction slide. We then added an intro to start off our video. We both read individual parts. We then added a closing slide with closing statements from both of us. After that Maddy uploaded it to her YouTube channel.

The hardest part about this project was coming up with the plan of what we were going to do. We wanted to make sure we came up with a prompt that allowed us to show the true meaning of this class. I believe that what we decided on was able to do this. My favorite part about this project was how we were free to come up with all of our ideas in a broad set of standards.

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