Radio Bumper DJ Walk Style

This was an overall fun assignment to work with. I was able to use all of my own work that I have created so it made it truly feel like mine. I used part of my beat that I made for another assignment for the start of this bumper. I trimmed pieces down that were apart of it to make it work. I had to figure out how to fade the audio slowly at the end of the instrumental part, so that I could smoothly transition it into me talking. After doing that I recorded myself on an app called Voice Recorder on my iPhone. Then I uploaded it to my Mac. I then transferred the instrumental part that was in Garage Band over to iMovie. After that pieced the instrumental part in with my voice to make the bumper. This was a semi-difficult process because I have never worked with any of the things that I used for this assignment until today. I believe that the hardest part of this was fading in the sound from the instrumental into my voice. Everything else was just time consuming not difficult.


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