Radio Bumper Sticker

For this assignment I started off with using a site that was made for creating bumper stickers. The problem with the site that caused me to use a different one was the customization options. I switched over to using a site called Canva. This was a super easy site to use. With so many opportunities to customizing every part about my bumper sticker. I started off by thinking about how our show was going to be called Stories From Behind the Counter. I then figured that the only true way of representing that would be a counter being part of the sticker. I found one on google that I thought would fit the sticker well. I then uploaded it to Canva. After that I started thinking about other radio show bumper stickers that I have seen. They all have something to do with I love and then having the show name. I wanted to make mine as realistic as I could so I decided to use it. After that I place silhouettes of the jobs that would be being discussed during the show.

Overall, this was a fairly time consuming assignment. I still enjoyed doing it so it did not feel as long as it took. I believe that the most challenging part was finding the silhouettes that would match our jobs the best. Other than that everything else was simple enough.

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