Shooting In A Time Limit

My Start time was at 5:32.

Something that makes me sick.

My favorite color is blue.

The great outdoors.

When I was outside all I could hear was my neighbor’s noise maker…..the window AC unit.

Something crushed. This is a picture of what once was my pumpkin plant that got crushed by someone’s car.
Geology. This is the best that I could do with this one. These pebbles and rocks were found in front of my house where the sidewalk and the street meet.

Someone else’s hand. I stole my housemate’s hand for this one.

The time that I finished at was at 5:45.

I had such a fun time with this assignment. I have been sitting behind a computer screen all day, so it gave me a reason to move around and go outside. It really brought me outside of my comfort zone with taking pictures of things. I played around with some of the tips that were talked about in the reading, and I truly believe that it helped make my pictures better.

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