Sounds Of A Chase

Tell a story using nothing but sound effects. There can be no verbal communication, only sound effects. Use at least five different sounds that you find online. The story can be no longer than 90 seconds.”

While glancing through all of the different assignment topics I could do, the audio assignment one grabbed my attention. For the example of this assignment it was the classic camping sounds. Everything from walking through the woods to starting a fire. I found it to be very calming, almost Bob Ross themed. While it is good to express calmness and peace it is important to not forget the chaotic side of the world. While Ross usually has a calm tone to his shows he also expresses that it is important to individually express ourselves. In the show that I was assigned to watch he stated it that it was important to look out the window every once and a while. That being said, it is important to acknowledge that there is not always just a cute bunny hopping by. This leads into my creation of audio.

Growing up I was always around law enforcement due to my father being an officer. He would always explain to me how he gets to experience peoples’ worse days of their lives every single day. For my sound I created a police vehicle chase. You can hear a car speed by which is then followed by multiple sirens, a helicopter, and a crash. At the point of the crash I switched the perspective from being your perspective to the individual that was running. The last couple of seconds of the audio you hear police commands being given out. That is that person’s worse day in life, and if not in life it is more than likely the worse day they have had in a while. I made this to show that while your day may be going normal and good, if you look out the window like Ross said to do you might see someone else in the complete opposite position. Help those that are in that predicament.

I made this clip of audio by finding specific other small clips of audio. I started off by searching on google to find clips of a speeding car, police sirens, a helicopter flying by, a car crash, and then simple police commands. After doing that I pieced all of those little segments together by using QuickTime on my mac. I had to trim all of the video clips down to make them work. I then saved all of that as just audio which was then uploaded to my blog.


  1. Very different, Interesting blog! Blogger did excellent job of telling a story using only sounds. It was quite easy for reader to see and follow the story of a law officer’s chase by sound effects only!

  2. Woah what a cool assignment. I like how it is expressive of the sounds you heard growing up. Even though you don’t see anything, you can imagine every second of it, which I think is super interesting.

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