Spooky Season

Within this assignment, you must find some spooky sounds and create a scary audio clip. Select more than four sounds and overlap them on a program like Audacity. You can use Freesound to select your sounds. Make them as spooky as possible. Good luck!”

This assignment was by far one of my most favorite ones that I have worked with. To complete this assignment I started off by searching on a website called Freesounds. I looked through tons of different categories of sounds to find what I truly wanted. Some of them downloaded as .wav so I had to open QuickTime to turn them into .mp3. This was so the sound files would be able to be uploaded to iMovie. After trying to layer my sounds on iMovie and failing multiple times, I decided to try doing the assignment on GarageBand. I was successful in doing, so and was surprised at how much easier it was to use then iMovie. I arranged the sounds on GarageBand in the way that they sounded the best. I had to do some fading as well as clipping to ensure that I was getting the best out of all the sounds.

Starting from the beginning this assignment was quite time consuming. From finding the sounds that I liked to actually editing them it took a lot of time. I am okay with it taking a lot of time because I enjoyed working with this assignment. It really put me in the Halloween spirit. When I transferred all the sounds to GarageBand I had a much easier time.

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