Stories From Behind the Counter Progress

We are on a roll within my group. We have already came up with so many ideas for our show. We met on the 5th and went over a bunch of the different aspects of the radio show. During the meeting we were able to come up with a radio show name (Stories From Behind the Counter). We were able to decide on what individual pieces that we needed to complete before the next time that we met. We decided that our main topic would be based around stories from our work experiences. We decided on how we would incorporate commercials in our show as well as who would be creating them. We also discussed what we needed to use as transitions as well as background audio. We finally discussed how we would record ourselves and decided where and when we would meet to do so. I know that most of us have started or completed our individual work that we will be using for our show. Our show is definitely on the path to success.

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