The Path to Better My Photography

For this picture I think I really captures the moment at that time. It showed how we were all happy. It also was able to have good lighting. I feel like the light hit the right places on both the people in the picture and the things around it that casted the cool shadows.

I think this picture was able to grab a cool perspective. We actually used a the self timer feature of one of our phones to take this. I think that it has a nice perspective to it. Most pictures of groups are taking at about face level. This picture was taken from around the waste area and just far enough back to see the full body of everyone. This was after we all finished the Murph Challenge on 9/11 so it definitely had something to do with the moment as well.

This was a picture I took during a parade that first responders put on in my town. This parade went from one end of the town to the other. The ending of it was at the hospital. This parade was to thank all of the individuals that worked at the hospital. I think that this picture captured many of the tips that were provided. the first one being the perspective. To take this picture I sat on the window seal of my dad’s car to take the picture. It was a cool perspective because it was taken pretty high up and was able to capture a full car view of the first car and then you could only see the lights of the other. I believe that the lighting for tis picture was also good. I also believe that it has a nice background because it includes the flag, lights as far as you can see, jet streams, and many more things.

SPCA Foster Puppies

I think the picture was able to capture a good example of depth. This picture is sort of blurring out the background and focusing in on the pups. I think that the background is also worth pointing out with the flowers behind them.

After going back and applying these concepts to these specific pictures it is cool actually being able to apply them to my own pictures. I believe that each concept that I applied was able to enhance all of the stories that these pictures produce.

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