The Seacobeck Special

Most everyone has seen the infamous picture of The Brady Bunch where everyone in the family is showcased in their own personal box. Now it’s your turn!! Whether your actual family or your close group of friends, make a collage mimicking the picture shown below. Be creative with the title. Make the title alliteration either with your last name or somesort of name you wish to call your group. In your post, explain why you chose the people you did in your collage.”

For my Brady Bunch assignment I chose to use the guys that I live with in my college house. The reason I chose them is because of how close we all are and how much time we spend with each other. To create this collage I downloaded and app on my iPhone called LiveCollage. I was able to do all the cropping and placing on the app. I could not figure out how to put text so I saved it to my phone and added the text on Snapchat. I had fun with this assignment because I had to go look for all of this picture so my phone and while doing so I came across so many memories. ★★★

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