Week 11 = Done

I am going to start off with my 3 daily creates from this week. I am now going to be showing you my three video assignments. Another fun week of video creation. I was able to utilize the heck out of iMovie once again. I highly recommend trying it out if you have never used… Continue reading Week 11 = Done

Got the Job

Yep…..I got the job I am now THE Senior Response Specialist. I can already tell that you all are jealous. What is better than a job that no one has an idea about what you actually do.

25 Day Christmas Movie Countdown

Get in the spirit!! Create a “Countdown to Christmas” Movie Style. Pick 25 of you FAVORITE Christmas movies and countdown to Christmas using the movies. Be creative ¬†and have fun with it!! Try and think of as many Christmas movie as you can without any outside help, you will be surprised how many movies you… Continue reading 25 Day Christmas Movie Countdown

Wrestling the One that got Away

This is just an educated guess on what he possibly was talking about. I think my guesses are still usually pretty good. So therefore I am right about what he is actually describing.

Here I come Week 11

I will be showing off my daily creates first. I will now be showing you my three assignments from this week. I will now be showing my ideas that I expanded off of other’s ideas. I will finally be showing my video essay. I had a good time this week. My best friend this week… Continue reading Here I come Week 11

Short & Sweet

Narnia can literally be told in one sentence and still be able to understand it for the most part.

Lucky Day

What could be luckier than winning the lottery. BRING ME MY MONEY!