Having a Career in Law Enforcement in 2021

Talk about peer pressure, nonconformity. Express how you feel about the future and your career path.” In today’s society there is a stormy cloud that hovers over the law enforcement career path. This assignment grabbed my attention because I want to go in to law enforcement after graduating college. Law enforcement strikes all three pieces… Continue reading Having a Career in Law Enforcement in 2021

First Week Summary

My main take away from this week was setting up this blog. It definitely was a love hate relationship. I struggled getting it up and going. Then when I got it up and going I struggled figuring out how to navigate around it. After playing around with it I got somewhat of an understanding of… Continue reading First Week Summary

Goals For DS106

My biggest goal that I have for this class is by far getting more familiar with all of these different platforms. I have used some of the platforms that we will be using for class, but some of them I have never even heard of. I am familiar with Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and SoundCloud. This… Continue reading Goals For DS106


I am Walker Chilton. I am senior at the University of Mary Washington. I am from a small town in Virginia called Culpeper. I am a psychology major. After college I am planning on persuing a career in law enforcement.