25 Day Christmas Movie Countdown

Get in the spirit!! Create a “Countdown to Christmas” Movie Style. Pick 25 of you FAVORITE Christmas movies and countdown to Christmas using the movies. Be creative  and have fun with it!! Try and think of as many Christmas movie as you can without any outside help, you will be surprised how many movies you can think of. ” 4 STARS

I had such a great time with this assignment! This really got me in the Christmas spirit even though we still have about two months until Christmas. It is my favorite time of the year. There is always so much happiness and love during that time of the year. This really brought back memories of all the Christmases that I have experienced in my lifetime. I remember watching all these movies and all the laughs and enjoyment that my family and I have shared while watching them. This made this assignment very simple because I enjoyed every minute of it.

To create the assignment I began listing off all of the Christmas movies I could think of in a word document. After I was able to come up with 25 of them I began listing them. I tried separating them equally to produce the greatest movie count down that I could. After that I went through and downloaded the movie posters. i then uploaded all of them to iMovie. When I opened iMovie I started creating a title page and countdown slides to use in between the movies. I also created a part at the end that required a title page as well. I then picked the transitions that I wanted to use and then began inserting the pictures in the spots that I had them listed in. After getting it all finished I found a Christmas instrumental and added it to the video. I also made some adjustments with it by trimming and fading it. I then down loaded it as a mp4 and uploaded it to YouTube.

If I did the assignment over again I may have switched the order of some of the movies. would do this by organizing them in least favorite to most being on Christmas Day. I went for more of an equal route than least favorite to most. In this assignment I learned how to add title slides between media and how to use transitioning within those slides. I also learned that iMovie only allows certain types of audio. The transition will definitely help me in my next project.

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