Healthy Food Challenge

Create a Vine video that illustrates you cooking a complete meal! You must include a meat (or protein source, if you have a personal preference or dietary restriction), a veggie side, and a healthy side of your choice. Take two 2-second clips of the meal preparations, then one 2-second clip of the final product, in all its glory!” 4 STARS

The ingredients I chose to use were completely based off of a recipe. I found a recipe online for stir fry and followed it exactly the way I was supposed to. It was my first time making this exact recipe, but not my first time making stir fry. I try an eat healthy food for every meal, but I am human so that usually does not happen. This experience was fun because I got a good reward at the end of it. The only complaint that I have for this assignment is that it took a very long time. Also dishes do not clean themselves so that part is always fun too. I created the video by uploading them to iMovie. After I uploaded them I chose transitions to use and the background music. After that I uploaded the final project to my YouTube.

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