Critiquing Trouble With a Curve

This was a super fun project to work with. This is one of my favorite movies so that made it a lot more fun to work with. Having the flexibility in our assignments is what makes this class so awesome. I want to start off by connecting this scene to our video. Bob always talks about how being different is better. This scene clearly represents that. The pitcher is completely different then the star hitter he was going up against. He was nothing before that little piece of spot light he got on him. He was not being flashy like the normal pro player that you see. Being different helped the pitcher be better. He was not worried about what everyone else expected he just wanted to do what he wanted to.

To create this video I had to find the scene that I wanted to use. After looking through a bunch of movies I found this one. I believe that this is such a powerful scene so I knew that the editing in it would have a lot of cool pieces to it. I then screen recorded the scene on my phone and uploaded it to my computer. After that I uploaded it to iMovie. I then had to research on how to freeze a frame while talking. When I finally found out how to do that everything else was smooth sailing. I got it all pieced together and uploaded it to YouTube.

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