Dear Mom,

If you’re like me, you are super close to your mom. The woman who has done everything for you from missing work to be with you, to driving hours to be with you. But there is not enough words to thank her. How do you even show her how much you appreciate her for doing everyhing she has done (or even just for loving you) For this assignment you must write an open letter to your mother. Whether it is a thank you letter, a sorry letter, or an anger one. Express the words you always wanted to say to your mother and have fun with it!”

I wanted to write this to thank you for all that you have done. From when I was a baby till now you have always supported me to make sure that I had everything that I needed and more. This has not only shaped me into the person that I am today, but it has also helped me pass that feeling that you have gave me over the years to others. Without you I would definitely not be where I am today. There are so many things that I could write about to thank you, but this blog would not be able to handle all of it. Even at college, being an hour away from you, you still have managed to make sure that I was always living the best life possible. Thank you so much for everything! Eventually I will find a way to make most of it up to you, not all of it because I know that would be impossible.



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  1. I can’t remember where I read this quote, but I immediately thought of it when I read your post. “Men are what their mothers made them.” It is super sweet.

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