Expanding On Peer Ideas

The first idea that I wanted to expand on was one that was generated by Skyler.

I believe there was good thought behind this idea, but I definitely can expand on it. I was thinking when recreating one of the paintings you could share some of your favorite things that Bob has said. These could be things that were directly impactful to your life or just in this class. While speaking about those things you could also explain how Bob has helped you in terms of this class. You could talk about how he has inspired you, how his words has changed the way you create your work, or how you think your work would look without having heard thoughts from Bob.

The second peer though that I wanted to expand on was done by ndiponthedaily.

This idea was based around how everyone is different, and how everyone can be creative in different ways. This is an important message that Bob has consistently provided to us. I believe that this is an awesome idea. I feel like it could be almost like a virtual art show. We could narrate the thought process, how we created our piece, and what it means to us while showing some of our assignments off. I feel like this would be a good way to reflect on some of the work we have done over the semester while tying it all back to our course theme.

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