Hard Work of Week 3

I will start off with my daily creates first.

The next piece I will show is the analysis of a story that I completed after reading an article and watching two videos.

Now I will be showing you my four weekly assignments that all pertained to writing.

This week went much better than last week. I believe that I am starting to settle in to all of my classes which helped a lot. This week I was definitely pulling on the ideas of Bob Ross. With all of the writing assignments I had no choice but to be creative. Writing is by far one of my favorite things to do in terms of school work. It comes to me pretty easily. I had many opportunities to express myself in all different aspects. It was nice having a guide and it not being strict.

I did not come across any challenges this week like the last. The only issue I had this week was procrastination. I need to work on getting some piece of work done every single day of the week. I had much less stress this week compared to last week as well.

I am really getting the hang of using WordPress. Just getting on the site and playing with all of the features has helped me so much. I am actually starting to enjoy using this. The blog is a fun way to express myself and show my work. My favorite assignment this week was writing the letter to myself. I remember doing the same type of assignment in 9th grade and receiving it when I graduated. I wish I could find that letter so I could compare it to now.

This week I have been actively participating with my classmates by interacting with them on social media, commenting back to their comments, and commenting on their blogs.

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