Im Coming for You Week 13

I will first show my three daily creates from this week.

I will now be showing my two mashup assignments.

I will finally show my two remix assignments.

This week I was able to work with a variety of new things. I was also forced to step out of my comfort zone in terms of assignments I completed. I had a great time working with the remixed assignments. This week I was able to incorporate humor, happiness, and family into my assignments. Those are some of the best things in life. Having this opportunity made it easy to work on these assignments.

In terms of difficulty this week I would say it was one of the hardest weeks. There were a bunch of pieces in all the assignments that were able to stump me. This week was probably the most time consuming work out of all the other weeks. That does not mean that I did not have a good time working on the assignments this week it just means that I was truly challenged. I think the hardest part this week was having the patience for everything. There were so many pieces of these assignments that took me a while to complete.

This week I have been actively participating with my classmates by interacting with them on social media, commenting back to their comments, and commenting on their blogs.

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