Joy of Music Live Listen

I listened to the Joy of Music show on Tuesday night. It was awesome listening to the first individual speak about his playlists that he created. The knowledge that he was able to provide to everyone was insane. He truly showed how music has so much more thought and meaning behind it then the face value that we hear it as. The first song that was played had so much going in in it. It took so much and put it into one masterpiece. The first commercial was super well done and awesome sounds.

The next individual provided a super awesome back story to the song choice that he decided to use. The description of trying to learn the true description of a song that he provided was well done. I am not much of a cook and I feel like if I had a pot and some ingredients I could have done some serious damage in the kitchen. That song was so much fun. The commercial was done so well as well as the transition that followed.

The third person gave such a great prep of what to expect for the next song. It truly set a good scenery for myself to expect to be in. The meaning of this song was so powerful to this individual which made me excited to listen to it. The beat of the song was so awesome. It was super temping to get up and cut a mean rug to this song. The second song that they shared was super cool as well. The opening sound for the song was so up lifting. The last song had such a chill atmosphere that it carried. I truly enjoyed listening to it. I felt like it was a Friday and that I should kick my feet up.

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