Looking Ahead

This description within our weekly assignments truly got me hype. I am excited to get going n our next big project. Working in a group atmosphere truly stirred up tons of good ideas as well as a great end product. I am looking forward to doing more group work within this class. I believe that I had a super strong group in terms of collaboration and drive that everyone showed. This being said, I would definitely be open to working with them again.

When reading over the final project prompt the idea that immediately came to mind was to show that everyone is different and everyone creates different work, so when you bring all that together it brings a different type of end product to what you are working on. Bob Ross always preaches how it is so important to step out the box and be different. i think that is a super important message to take into consideration for the final project. I believe that this message is not just important for the life that we leave within this class, but also the one that we live outside of class. I think that this message is powerful enough as well as worthy enough to take and project it to the world. Difference produces new and extraordinary ideas. Without difference everyone would be the same and life would be boring.

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  1. Check with your group and see who is up for it. Working together gives you the opportunity to bounce ideas around and to share the labor, so you can build better projects with less effort.

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