My Day in 60 Seconds

Try to tell a story about your day in just 60 seconds using one-second clips of video. Tell us a love story, your mundane daily routine, a low day, a high day, or any other kind of day.” 4 STARS

This assignment was such a fun time working with. At first I did not thin it would be, but as time went on throughout my day I began having fun trying to think of things to video. I got an array of different things on footage when going throughout my daily routine. My main goal of this assignment was to show my daily routine that I have every day of the school week. The story behind this is how there are so many other things going on in life other than your own. Ross once mentioned to go out and look out your window at all of God’s creations. All of the creations on this world are all so beautiful in their own way. This assignment allowed me to capture some of the things that are overlooked in life but are truly beautiful.

I started off by trying to come up with a plan on what I would be videoing. I then remember Ross mentioning what I spoke about above. I knew that my daily routine would be able to capture those beautiful creations because of my walk to class. I started recording just about everything I did right when I woke up. I then continued videoing different things while on my way to my classroom on campus. I then recorded my way home. After that I recorded my dinner and then finished up with recording my nightly routine. After getting all the recordings together I uploaded them to iMovie. After that was done I had to piece them all together in the right order. After I did that I created and opening title page. I then found music that I thought sounded fitting for this video and then uploaded it to YouTube.

If I could do this assignment over again I would have made a written script of what, when, and where I would take a video of. I still think my video came out good I just think with more organization it would have been better. In this assignment I learned how to create albums, so that I could find and upload the media to iMovie easier.

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