My Diet for the Day

Record everything you ate that day. Add music! Make it ASMR! Make it cute!” 5 STARS

For this video I started off by recording everything I ate in a day. After that I uploaded the videos to iMovie. After that I chose transitions as well as a background son for the video. I then pieced all of the parts together and uploaded the video to YouTube. The first thing I ate was a Pop Tart. The next thing that I ate was a casserole that was made with chicken, rice, broccoli, and cheese. For my last meal of the day I had stir fry that I made for another video assignment. The hardest part of this assignment was just remembering to take a video of what I was eating. I had a good time creating this video. I am a big fan of using iMovie, I highly suggest to use it when creating videos.

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