My Ideal Radio Show

While thinking about the question of what will my radio show consist of I automatically thought of Ross. This is a good thing because we are supposed to incorporate our theme into the show somehow. I was thinking we could take one of his videos and just listen to the advice he gives. When he gives out a piece we would pause the video and talk about what that truly means. This would also allow us to have a consistent sound. That being his brush hitting his canvas, him explaining what he’s doing, and all the advice he gives.

Another idea that I had was that we could talk about how this theme has impacted us as people, and also how it has impacted the work that we do. That work not only being from this class, but also other classes.

The last idea that I was able to come up with was to go through and talk about some of our classmates work. This being the work that we consider the best out of everything else that we saw. Talk about what we think, how feel about it, the meaning behind it, and why it was chosen.

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