My Inspiration for DS106

Everyone has someone who they admire or who inspires them. For this assignment, write about that person and why you admire them.”

I am going to talk about an individual who has inspired me in a short term aspect. This person was introduced to me not to long ago. He is very well known and is a very creative individual. He pushes others to step out their comfort zone and truly express what they are feeling. As you have probably figured out by now I am talking about Bob Ross. After watching the video that we were assigned to watch for an assignment I have been trying to express myself more. Ross gave me the extra push to start being more creative in my work for not only this class but for others as well. For so long I have been holding back my true potential due to fear of being different. Thanks to Ross he opened the door of creativity for me. In all of his episodes he gives out so much knowledge and inspiration. He truly is an inspiration. Thank you Bob!


  1. Way to go! Being able to find something that helps you move out of your comfort zone is hard thing to come by. You should never hold back what you can do, because it can keep you from making a difference.

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