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The first assignment I wanted to improve was my beat that I made earlier on in the semester. I will embed that post for the assignment below this and then I will embed the SoundCloud for my new and improved beat.

The next assignment that I decided to improve was me writing about a career in law enforcement. I wanted to expand on this writing assignment due to it being so important to me. This link will take you to this assignment. For some reason it would not let me embed it like I did above.

In today’s society there is a stormy cloud that hovers over the law enforcement career path. This assignment grabbed my attention because I want to go in to law enforcement after graduating college. Law enforcement strikes all three pieces of this specific topic. Before going into law enforcement one has to be mindful of what they can do and what they can not do within a certain time before applying for a job in law enforcement. This can be as small as smoking marijuana to as big as not being a felon. These things flow right into peer pressure and nonconformity. The peer pressure aspect of this is not letting your friends talk you into doing illegal activities. Whether it is substance related or actual criminal offenses. I have had to make sure that I am toeing that line, so that when it came time for my application process and polygraph I was set to go. The nonconformity part of this can be seen before I enter law enforcement and after. The before part plays off the peer pressure aspect of it too. It can be seen in my life of myself not conforming to doing illegal activities, so that I have the opportunity to make a career in law enforcement. After being in law enforcement it can be seen by not conforming to what the bad cops are doing. Some examples of that based around the big topics like discrimination, racial profiling, and just overall ethics.

By having all of those things preached to me growing up and especially these past few years, has built me a road to success in that career path. I also want to point out that when I do get into law enforcement those different things that I have been following do not just stop when I get the job. Those have to continue to carry on to secure myself a long and successful career. The stories that you hear about the bad cops in today’s society have lost sight of those key things, which has caused them to earn their title of bad cop.

Since writing this post I have gained about another month and a half of experience in law enforcement work. I currently have an internship with the Fredericksburg Police Department. I have been able to work with many different divisions while taking part in this internship. I am currently working with the detectives division, and I have been able to work hands on with detectives and their cases. I have been able to hear all kinds of stories from all of these detectives adventures that they have endured over their career. I have also asked everyone that I have worked with for at least one piece of advice. The commonality between all of these pieces of advice have been centered around nonconformity. Most of them preach to have a strong base and make decisions that are for the best interest of everyone involved in a situation. Making my own decisions has been a huge push for all of the advice I have received. The importance of not giving in to bad ideas and bad people in my everyday life has also been hit on multiple times.

I have come to a realization that law enforcement work is truly based off making fast and smart decisions with anything you deal with. Some may say that it is easier to just fall in line and follow everyone else. The bad part about that is you have no idea who is leading that movement, where they are leading that movement to. It is so important to make sure you are making your own decisions and not falling into conformity just because it is easy.

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  1. I really liked the song! I also made a remix of a song I did, since I wasn’t happy with the original! I’m happy to see someone else enjoyed remixing some music this week!

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