Plan & Outline for the Grand Finale (Week 13)

I will be working with Madelyn Gedney on the final project. Our big picture idea for the final is to express how this class has changed our perception of social media. We want to also express how this class has allowed our skills in terms of both creativity and creation have grown so much. We will also be talking about the differences in our social media identity on school related accounts are different than those on personal accounts. We want to show how this class has allowed us to spread out our wings and use other platforms that we had not used before. This class has allowed us to tell our stories over multiple different platforms, and we want to show it!

We plan to utilize iMovie to show off all our creations and growth on all of these social media platforms. We plan to show content we have uploaded to SoundCloud, YouTube, Instagram/Flickr, Twitter, and Snapchat. For SoundCloud we will be talking about our previous experience with it and now present experience with it. We plan to show one piece of content a piece from each platform. For YouTube we will be showing a video that we created while in the class and talk about our experiences with it as well. When we get to Instagram we will be sharing a personal post and talk about how our identity is different on the personal platform compared to the school platform. We will then show our favorite daily create that we have made and uploaded to Twitter. Finally we will related a personal Snapchat post to our identity as well. Within this process we plan on opening it with a title screen, adding multiple transitions using the platforms logo, utilizing the voice over option, and creating a closing screen.

For my SoundCloud part I am going to show and discuss this assignment.

For my YouTube part I will be discussing this assignment.

For the piece about Instagram I will be sharing this post.

For my favorite daily create I will be using this post.

Finally, for my part about Snapchat I will be showing this.

I will center all my points about how all of this platforms have allowed me to be creative and incorporate all my personal interests.

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