Revving Through Week Seven

I will start off with showing my daily creates for this week.

Next I will be showing my two assignments that I completed this week.

I will now be showing my radio design project.

The next piece of work that I will be showing is my update on my progress with our radio show.

I was excited to get going this week on the radio project. I enjoyed the process of my group getting together and working on a topic and all the pieces that will be involved in our project. My favorite assignment this week was definitely working with the spooky sounds. It got me in the Halloween spirit as well as helped me further my knowledge using GarageBand. My least favorite part of this week was time managing all of the work I had to do.

I think that overall this week was not difficult in terms of work. The only bad part about it was how time consuming everything was. The hardest part of the week was doing the bumper sticker assignment.

This week I have been actively participating with my classmates by interacting with them on social media, commenting back to their comments, and commenting on their blogs.

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