Second Week of Creations

These are all of my daily creates that I did and posted to Twitter.

These are listed in the order of least recent to most recent. This weeks daily creates were fun to work with. My favorite this week was the malaphor assignment. I had never heard of that term before until now.

I am going to add my three assignments that I did this week next.

This week was a rather tough week due to it being the first week of true assignments. This we I learned how to make a logo of my name, how to truly evaluate a painting with a one word response, the term malaphor, express my creativeness while having a comedic tone, layer a picture with another picture, utilize Google Images, tell a story with just sounds, and express my feelings about something personal to me in writing. I was also able to figure out how to work around this site to improve my website and the blog itself.

The part that was most challenging about this week as a whole was time management. Having a five class schedule is tough. I always get stressed at the beginning of every week, but some how I always manage overcoming it and finishing all my work on time. The part that was most challenging with the material part of this week’s work was making changes to my website. I had a super hard time figuring out how to had subtitles and connecting those to each category of work. This was done in order to try and better organize my work. This definitely took up the abundance of my time.

The part about this week’s work that was easier than I though it was going to be was the daily creates as well as getting the assignments done. I put so much stress on myself in the beginning of the week with the workload that I freaked myself out. After actually getting started and doing the work it came easy.

This week I really enjoyed being able to take my career goal and using that as a platform to build off of with some of my assignments. This weeks assignment with the writing assignment about you future career allowed me to express my feelings about something I truly enjoy talking about. I also enjoyed all of the daily creates. It gave me something to step outside of my comfort zone everyday.

This week I connected with the class by commenting back to those that commented on my post, by interacting with tweets of those that participated in daily creates, and by commenting on their blogs.

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