Short and Sweet Transitional Song

With audio programs, making a song from scratch suddenly becomes really, really easy. Programs like GarageBand come with their own loop selection, but if you are using a different program, try downloading bass riffs or back beats and go to town! Or download beats from Youtube- wherever. The challenge is to make a song without recording anything yourself.”

For this assignment I used GarageBand to create my song. I started out by deciding on what genre I was going to base it around. I then started going through all of the tracks that they have prerecorded or the electronic genre. After that I chose my main beat and then started finding other segments that sounded good with it. i decided that I was going to base this song around my radio show. That is why it is not very long. I wanted to be able to use the song in a more transitional way for the show.

This assignment took a bit of time due to trying to find the perfect segments that would sound good together. I feel like it would have been easier to space the sounds out more, but I wanted to make it short so I could use it for a transition sound. I enjoyed this assignment because it gave me a chance to navigate around GarageBand again. GarageBand is simple to use and there are also lots of tutorials online.


  1. This could definitely work as transitional music. It has an upbeat mood to it, so it would fit well with the right type of topic.

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