The Backbone to a Good Story

My title to this blog says it all. Audio is the the backbone to a good story. Depending on the sound of any story or song, the way that sound is portrayed sets the mood for the entire thing. If it is a slow sad song you will more than likely feel that sadness. This can set the scene for how that story or sound will be told. Abumrad says that the cool part about radio is what it lacks. That being images that depict what is going on. He portrays to us that when listening to the radio we are in control of how we depict things. When a story is being told on the radio, whether it is a song or a radio host, we are in control of envisioning what they are talking about. This is such a cool way to think about radio because it is kind of overlooked at some points. We have overlooked how awesome radio truly is. Every time we get in our car we play something on the radio for the most part. Whatever is being played on it is automatically interpreted by us, and we take a little paint brush in our brain and paint the picture of what is being talked about without even realizing it. I believe that Abumrad truly hit the nail on its head by him saying that we have a figurative paint brush when listening to radio. This also goes along with our Ross theme and how creativity is such a big piece of DS106.

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