The Best Time of the Year

We all have favorite holidays, but sometimes it’s hard to pick just one! For this assignment, use a photo editing software like Pixlr or Photoshop to mashup your top THREE favorite holidays/cultural celebrations. Use whatever elements you would like from each holiday, creating a character or scene with the images/symbols you’ve chosen. Tell the story behind this character or image!” 4.5 STARS

I chose to use these three pictures to represent three of my favorite holidays. These three holidays are my favorite because they bring all my family together. For anyone that knows me I love being around all of my family. This time of the year over the about a month an a half period always for big family events. Thanksgiving allows my entire family to get together and celebrate with a huge variety of different foods, stories, and memories. I feel like that combination is just destine for happiness. Christmas is also another great holiday because of all the food, stories, memories, and love you get to show in the gifts you get your friends and family. I love giving gifts more than receiving them because I love expressing my feeling in terms of gifts. Finally, a good New Years celebration is always a great time too. It allows my family and I to celebrate a complete year around the sun. This also gives the opportunity to celebrate with food, stories, and memories. My favorite thing in life is being able to share happiness with other and all of these holidays give me the opportunity to do so.

I started off by trying to find a turkey, a picture of Santa sitting down, and fireworks. I then uploaded them all to pixlr. After uploading them I began cutting out the pictures. After I cut out the turkey and Santa sitting in the chair I layered them on top of the fireworks. This then caused the fireworks to look like it was in the background. I then saved the picture and uploaded it to Twitter.

If I could do the project over again I would have figured out how to make better cut outs in my pictures. This was a super challenging part to this assignment. Cutting out the two figures took and extremely long time to do. The take away from this assignment was learning how to use a photo editing website effectively. Before finding this website I struggled with doing photo editing on my iPhone.

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