The Mystery Flower

Name this flower – search up on the net then come back and name it”

These flowers are probably the most attention grabbing flowers I have ever seen. I think what really gets me is how the yellows grabs your eyes, but the red really makes sure that you lock on completely to them. This is why I chose to do this assignment. Right when I saw these flowers I did not care what the assignment was I wanted to work with them. I think that truly expresses the true meaning behind this class. You have so much freedom and ability to create your own thing you just have to leap and do it. In one of Bob Ross’s shows he continuously said that it was “our world” so we could do anything we wanted with it. Since this is my blog I though that it was best that I went with my gut and chose this assignment to work with.

Another reason that this assignment was such an attention grabber for me was due to my grandmother. She absolutely loves her flowers. She has a flower bed that wraps all the way around her house full of every kind of flower you can think of. With these flowers comes all kinds of birds. Her favorite thing to do is watch all of these birds come and fly around all of her flowers. So when I am there she has me look at all of her flowers and “her birds.” I was excited to take part in this assignment so that I could send her the picture of the flower and brag about how I new the name a and did a whole blog about it and her.

Now to get to the main point of this assignment which is Identifying the flower by searching the internet for it. Right when I read the instructions I knew that I would be able to take the link of the flower from the assignment and paste that into Google Images. After doing that it supplied me with the name of the flower. Now for the big reveal *Drum Roll*…………

THE Coreopsis Tinctoria….. AKA: Plains Coreopsis

Coreopsis tinctoria (Plains Coreopsis) | World of Flowering Plants


  1. Great blog! I read and found most interesting every word. Was happy when flower identified! My pride and complements to the blogger.

    Look forward to future blogs

  2. My grandmother had the greenest thumb of anyone I know and I swear she had some of these growing in her backyard. She was famous for taking cuttings and growing an entire new plant of of them. I even have a picture of some flowers of her’s I’d be interested in identifying now that I’ve read your post! Also, I’d glad to know my grandmother wasn’t the only grandma around who kept an impeccable garden!

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