The Three Little Pigs and DS106

Favorite Childhood Story

After going through the reading and the two videos, I immediately started comparing these thoughts to actuals stories. The first one that came to my mind was The Three Little Pigs. In the video about the shapes of a story I was easily able to draw one out in my mind of that story. The line would start at the midpoint and would grow exponentially and after that you would see immediate drops of decline. In almost a staircase fashion, which would represent all of the pigs building their houses and being happy. Then the decline representing the wolf going through and blowing the first two pigs houses away. When the pigs all gathered in the brick house and the wolf fails at blowing that house away, the line begins growing exponentially once more. When the wolf falls in the hot pot of water and jumps out and runs away is when a massive exponential rise is seen.

I have began noticing that storylines are very similar across the board. Every story starts off at some point and then has a decline in happiness. That happiness is somewhere found and then the story ends. For some reason that is what people pay to see, so that is the type of shapes that you get out of these stories.

My favorite part about this story is how the pigs were able to beat the bully (wolf). The pigs used a style of teamwork that helped bring them to victory. The individual that created this story did a good job showing that the pigs were harmless and the wolf was the bad guy. Without that true differentiation between them the story would be very confusing.

I love how this story has been able to hang around and still be a first pick for a kids reading/video.

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