The WORST Audio Ever

Create YOUR worst sound ever. Take audio clips of every single sound that you hate and put them all together to make The Worst Noise Ever”

The absolute worst sounds all in one place….how wonderful. For this assignment I chose the four sounds in the world that I hate the most. The sounds that I mashed all together was someone chewing with their mouth open, someone clicking a pen, someone taking their nails and scratching a chalk board, and someone saying I can’t do it. It was super hard working with all of these horrible songs at one time. Especially when I was trying to make sure they were all lined up right. This being because I kept repeatedly having to listen to it over and over again. For this assignment I screen recorded sounds on my iPhone. After I had all of the sounds I needed I uploaded them to my Mac. I used iMovie to take all of the sounds and layer them up together. After that I saved the video, and opened QuickTime which allowed me to save the video as sound only. When that was done I uploaded the sound to SoundCloud. I did have to call on my Bob Ross side for this because nothing was going right for me in the beginning. I could not find a program to use that would work for what I was trying to do. So rather than trying to go by the book I stepped outside the box for a little while to see what I could use to make it happen. I eventually came to the idea of using iMovie. That program was easy to use and was very straightforward.

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